The Beginning Of Anything You Want

I came I across this saying when I was googling some stats about New Years resolutions as part of research for our New Years ad campaign.

It hit me like a ton of bricks – I’ve always been asked to start blogging – I’ve always wanted to – I just couldn’t find the time.

But today, while sitting on plane, I decided what better time to start – than Now – because… Today is the beginning of anything that I want and I want to help you … if I can.

My name is Dr Naseeba Kathrada (aka Dr Kat)
I am a qualified medical doctor – I’ve chosen not to see sick people.
I’ve chosen to specialise in weight loss.
Yes …. That’s correct … I help people lose weight, using my medical knowledge of causes and sequelae of obesity. My medical training in psychology has proved to be priceless.

Over the past 10 years I have helped thousands of people lose weight and live healthier, happy lives.

My approach to weight loss is unique – that’s what has contributed to the success of the Dr Kat’s weight loss program. I believe that people are different and there’s no one diet fits all that works. There’s also no miracle pill – if there was one, everyone would be thin by now (and I would be super wealthy from having bought shares in that company a long time ago 😃)

If you’re serious about losing weight and you’re tried other programs without any success – I can help you.

My next post will be about New Years Resolutions ..if you can’t wait for that … why not take out free online assessment to find out more about our Diet In A Box program

Let’s make 2019 better than the best year ever

I’m Dr Kat and …

I’ll see you …lighter

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