Jane Linley Thomas

Dr Kat’s changed My Life

On 28 August I sluggishly arrived at Dr Kats’ wellness centre with the grand idea of having the aqua lipo procedure.

With a history of yo-yo dieting and two pregnancies back to back (one being a twin pregnancy) I was trapped in a cycle of tight clothes, self-loathing and binge eating. What a viscous cycle.

My life changed the day I met Dr Kat. After a heart to heart I understood that only once I had lost at least half of my desired weight-loss, would we start chatting about aqua lipo.

I started with an online body analysis to find out what my body loved and hated, followed by a hardcore detox, which saw me drop 4kgs in a week; this is when my hard work and dedication was put into motion. Every day since I have written down everything that passed my lips, packed my clean meals the night before and signed up to the local gym where I put in an hour of cardio a day. I have run around the block in the rain and gone to Spur for a kid’s birthday and watched folk eat while I sipped on a decaf coffee.

I have a weekly weigh-in and one-on-one with Dr Kat and in just over six weeks I have lost 15kgs and have never felt more awake and alive.

Last week I had the aqua lipo procedure to get rid of excess fat and a day later I could already see through the swelling how my body shape had changed in shape and texture.

Check out www.drkats.co.za today and get the real you back.



Dr V                                                                                           Untitled

Finding out how bad caffeine is for my body was life changing. I’m T-Type and coffee and coke is a big no-no.

Since starting the Dr Kat’s diet, I’ve lost 12kgs in 4 months and I have never been happier.

My weight dropped off really quickly and I love how easy the eating plan was. I’m not ever looking back.

Aesthetic doctor at Dr Kat’s Weight loss clinic www.aesthetic-concept.co.za


I would like to share my story with everyone just to express how amazing Dr. Kat’s weight-loss program is.On 18 January 2014, I made the best decision in my life by joining Dr. Kats weight-loss program after being on so many unsuccessful fad diets, I had truly given up on ever losing weight which I had gained from living an unhealthy lifestyle.
I was size 42/44 when I joined the program at a heavy 105.2 kg’s, however today, 6 months later, I am an unbelievable size 32/34, weighing 76kg. The experience on the program has been uplifting, very informative.
I have learnt so much on how to live a healthy lifestyle, I am very active, I love exercising and it has become my new way of living. I have gained more confidence, I feel sexier and I love shopping for clothes now, which used to be a nightmare before because I didn’t have a size that fits.
The program is very easy to follow and it helps you to understand your body better. It was a life changing experience and Dr. Kats and her staff support you all the way and they motivate you to keep going.
I do not regret joining this program, I just wish that people who want to lose weight could join Dr. Kat’s program, they will realise how easy it is to make those love handles and extra weight disappear.


Camellia Jugdeo

cammyThanks to Dr.Kats I have found a new me in every way. I joined her program in April 2013 when I had given up on all diets and exercise programs you could find on Google.
I was 89.5 kgs when I joined. Today I am an amazing 70kgs. I am more energetic, confident and I feel extra sexy,like I’m in someone elses body. I am healthier, more active and there’s no turning back. I love going to the gym. This is my new lifestyle forever! Dr Kat you changed my life!!! #myhappyshape



Glodean Brijlal

I would like to start of by clarifying the misconception that Dr Kathrada “puts you on a diet”, there is no such thing. So what does she do? is the burning question…SHE CHANGES YOUR LIFE.I visited Dr Kathrada at a point in my life when I just couldn’t deal with being overweight anymore, my entire life was consumed by my weight. Everything I did, everywhere I went all I could think about was how fat I was and in the process the weight simply swallowed up my personality. I visited dieticians who told me “you’re not that bad, iv seen bigger people than you”when I weighed a whopping 84kg !!!!!!! In as much as being overweight seems like a physical problem, it’s just as much a mental issue. That’s where Dr Kathrada starts, by simply setting the record straight. After an analysis of your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and body fat analysis she lays the cards on the table for you….and thereafter it’s your call. With her expertise, guidance and support you start To understand your body, the foods you consume and the exercise you need.Yes there is an eating plan that you follow that’s designed for you according to your body type, its not a starvation diet, in fact she will very frankly tell you that no food is forbidden, its amazing how you will learn that your body actually needs nutrients to survive without all the ‘frills’. Dr Kathrada teaches you how to understand your body and feed your body, not your mind. Slowly you learn to react to your body’s needs and that’s the miracle of this plan, there’s no miracle cure or tablet that will make the fat go away. It all lies in YOU, and that’s the greatest thing about Dr Kathrada, that her main focus is YOU and not the fat. She focuses on the food YOU eat and the amount of exercise YOU do by asking you to bring in a diary every week so that she can help you understand why you may or may not lose any weight for that period and this assists you in not repeating any mistakes and by killing old bad habits.The result is that you start LIVING again, you become accustomed to living a healthy lifestyle and the days of a fat you together with all the bad eating habits and unhappy mindset become a distant memory. A healthy body certainly makes for a healthy mind, you start focusing on all the other positive things in your life that you simply could not see. And that’s how Dr Kathrada changes your life, she holds your hand and takes you back to the real you. At this point I think its apt to say a little bit about Dr Naseeba Kathrada…when I found out that a qualified Dr runs the program, my first thought was “she’s probably thin and gorgeous and knows nothing about being fat’but when I met her I was blown away. Yes she is thin and absolutely gorgeous BUT she is the warmest, friendliest, smartest woman with hoards of knowledge to impart to you. And her hands on approach boosts your confidence and psyches you up to achieve your goal and not fall back on the bandwagon. She knows all her patients in depth and goes the extra mile to help you achieve your goal weight and believe me this is sort of support is a giant part of the formula to achieving your goal.I would recommend Dr Kathrada’s program to absolutely anyone serious about losing weight and with no false promises , it is the most certain weight loss secret slowly being discovered. So go on discover it and discover yourself! I DID!

Vanessa Govender

Hi, I was always a slim person but never exercised or ate correctly. After my final exams I realised that I have picked up a lot of weight. I joined WEIGH LESS and lost 13kg in 4 months. Since then I have always maintained my weight. However when I fell pregnant I could not control my cravings and gained about 25kg. After I gave birth I went back to weigh less initially I lost 7Kg but then it hit a plateau. I continued going to class for over a year but I could not lose the weight I gave up and gradually picked up whatever weight I lost and more. I tried other pills and powders but nothing seem to have worked. I became really disappointed and could not bear to look at myself in the mirror. When I saw Dr Naseeba Kathrada’s advert in the Mom’s mail it seemed to be to good to be true, so I decided to give it a try. It’s been difficult but I have finally managed to see some WEIGHT LOSS. The personalised attention makes such a difference Dr Kathrada is always available for advice and encouragement. Her diet is not a one size fit all diet, her medical back ground and endearing personality sets her weight loss plan apart from others she has a truly holistic approach and prepares one’s life after the diet.

Mrs Asmal

Hi, At the moment I am reaping the rewards after sowing the seed –The seed of lifestyle choice of choosing to be thin. Having achieved what I thought was impossible i.e. losing 13kg in 4 months, I am amazed at the “new slender me”. Besides the physical transformation, the “bonus”mental transformation, ones general well being and a healthy outlook on life. Knowledge is power and that is one of the benefits of the weight loss programme which has empowered me to make some changes to my lifestyle habits. However if one chooses to be thin, then determination, patience, perseverance, consistency, positive ness and hard work are the prerequisites as is so on any road to SUCCESS. Of course maintaining ones GOAL WEIGHT is the idea and that to is taken care of on this programme by way of follow –up advice and monitoring. Money well spent on this programme is in effect, money well spent on yourself, your health and your success This is a personalized hand –on programme which is innovative, safe and satisfying. Make your lifestyle choice and make a difference!