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Carboxy Therapy

This device “CARBOXY” works by injecting Medical Carbonic Anhydride, which improves and raises the level of oxygen in the tissues and organs of treatment, through a small needle. The needle is linked to a tube is for single use and the gas is medical and sterile. Recently there has been development and improvement in this technique to implement it to address skin issues and treatments including dark circles, removing surgical scars, birth marks as well as to reduce fat, and cellulite.

This method is also used as a clinical practice to address and cure some of the diseases like Arthritis, Rheumatism and Autoimmune diseases because of its ability to improve the blood supply to the tissues injected. It cures many the cosmetic and skin problems by means of the recent and safest methods

CARBOXY effectiveness practiced by a sub coetaneous way has been verified for medical systems such as:

  • Reduction of local adiposity (Cellulite)
  • Improvement of local blood flow (thereby facilitating removal of dark circles around eyes)
  • Increase in dermis thickness
  • Improvement of skin elasticity and laxity
  • Reduction of skin irregularities (After Liposuction)
  • Body contouring

This method is safe, painless and is done on weekly basis generally showing results after your 2nd session.

The formation of Black Rings, wrinkles and the light lines around the eye is because of the following reasons:

  • Old age
  • Continuous exposure to sun rays without use of any good sun protectors
  • Smoking
  • Staying awake at night
  • Random use of Creams
  • Eye fatigue by wearing glasses for long period of time
  • Reading for a long period of time on computer,
  • Anemia
  • Nature and the color of the skin
  • Insufficiency of the blood circulation
  • Insufficiency of vitamins such vitamin K, Zn and C

How to cure by Carboxy therapy CDT?

  • The treatment is performed by injecting the medical carbon dioxide beneath the skin without pain and or any side effects
  • The injection of carboxyl will lead to increasing the oxygen flow into the tissues and consequently, it will lead to improving the blood circulation which will cause the improving of the skin color and flexibility
  • The treatment is conducted without any anesthesia by means of conducting weekly session (one session per week) for a period which ranges between 4-6 session whereas a one session consumes only half an hour.
  • The patient would not need any other action after the session except a light massage on the spot thereafter he can return back to practice his daily normal life